Archive includes photos of work that has been sold or otherwise unavailable for purchase.

The Myopic Professor- 2017-

13"h x 10"dx 10"w

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Marvin- 2017- 13"h x 10"l x 10"w

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Angry Man- 2018-

16"h x 10"d x 10"w

16th Century Composer Josquin Des Prez- 15"h x 16"w x 11"d- Stoneware

W.- with hammer brain- 15"h x 15"w x 10"d- Stoneware

Marvin-12"h x 10"l x 10"w- Stoneware, acrylic, epoxy- 

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Col. Winkleman (Ret.)- 18" x 9" x 9"- Stoneware

Stuck #3- 26"h x 10"l x 10"d- Stoneware

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The Sentry- 24"h x 11"l x 9"d- Stoneware


Paul S. -15"h x 16"w x 10"d- Stoneware

Whistler- 24"h x 10"l x 21"d- Stoneware with mixed media

Peeking Lamp bulb- 43"h x 8"w x 13"d- Wood fired stoneware with mixed media

Rutherford & Alistair- 13"h x 20"l x 14"w

Stoneware clay, acrylic, epoxy

Stuck #1 Wood Fired Stoneware

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Easy Work Whistler- 14" x 18" x 51"- Stoneware with mixed media

The body of this functional lamp is ceramic. The base is steel and wood. The music is copper and brass. 

Music in my head often helps pass the time and makes monotony more bearable. Even when it's a brain worm. Just embrace it.

Peeping Tim- 24"h x 12"w x 10"d- Stoneware, acrylic, epoxy

Trump Vulture- Stoneware sculpture with

granite base

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Mr. Kensington Elsworth- 12"h x 18"l x 12"w- 

Ms. Krystal Kasperson-12"h x 10"l x 10"w- Stoneware, acrylic, epoxy

Creepy Stork Guy-24"h x 10"l x 8"w- Stoneware

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Tree Creature Fiber Optic Lamp-

7'h x 24"l x 24"d-

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